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Our Purpose

At the Grow Forex Funds (GFF), we aspire to bring about a paradigm shift in the financial markets landscape. Based on our dedication to genuineness, we endeavor to establish a trading community that flourishes on openness, reliance, and sincere relationships. We aspire to empower traders of all proficiencies, providing them with the education, resources, and tools required to navigate the intricacies of the financial landscape. By cultivating a collaborative environment, we trust in the collective power of our community to achieve financial success. At GFF, We acknowledge that real empowerment is derived not only from the use of advanced resources but also from fostering a supportive and sincere trading environment. Be a part of this voyage as we redefine the horizons within the financial markets, striving to make them more inclusive and fulfilling for all.

Our System

Enroll in a Challenge

Choose and acquire a challenge that aligns with your interests and objectives.

Examination Stage

Comply with the challenge rules and successfully navigate our challenge to receive your funded certificate.

Sponsored Phase

Earn money with your funded account by complying with the rules and receive up to 80% share of the profits.

Our Contests

Grow Forex Funds (GFF) provides opportunities and funded accounts up to $800,000 for individuals who have never had access to significant capital.

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Participate on our renowned platform.

– GFF collaborates with a prominent regulated broker named EightCap, providing over 1500 trading instruments and leading spreads in the industry.

– Powered by Equinix data centers through Eightcap, guaranteeing peak performance consistently with cloud infrastructure

–  24-hour customer service availability, coupled with a hassle-free signup procedure

– Acknowledged as the Top CFD Broker Australia 2022.

– Eightcap is Authorized By:

  1. UK Financial Regulator
  2. Securities and Exchange Commission of Cyprus (Cyprus)
  3. Australia's Investments Commission (Australia)
  4. Financial Services Authority (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)
  5. The Securities Commission of The Bahamas (SCB)






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Become a member of our social media platforms and keep in touch with us and other Grow Forex Funds Traders!

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Enroll in our premium affiliate program and tap into the opportunity to earn substantial commissions by referring experienced traders to our cutting-edge and dynamic proprietary trading company

10% Income Division on All Packages

Gain the top commissions available for funded account programs.

Long-term Campaigns

Monthly promotions, voucher codes, and additional incentives to enhance your conversion rates

17-Week Cookies

Generate revenue long after your clients click your link with one of the lengthiest Cookie retention periods in the prop space

Analysis and Reports

In-depth examination of metrics specifically crafted for your referrals to evaluate your progress in real time.

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Register to become an affiliate. Once your email is verified, access your affiliate dashboard.


Receive your personalized affiliate referral link and begin spreading the word.

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Monitor your referrals on your affiliate dashboard and apply for commission withdrawals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our drawdowns are calculated as a static value off the beginning capital deposited into your trading accounts and evaluations.

Currently we run a 2 phase evaluation program and as such there are no ongoing fees.

We are partnered with Eightcap as our broker to offer industry leading spreads and commissions for traders. To understand their account offering that we use see here:

Once you become a live funded trader, you must trade with us for at least 30 days for your first payout, and after that we can payout bi-weekly.

Yes, we give traders 35 days for phase 1 and 60 days for phase 2 to pass the evaluation.

There are no profit targets required to be reached on the live funded account. However, the account must end in a positive balance at the end of the 30 day trading period to make a withdrawal.

Yes, you are allowed to use EA’s and Indicators, including tools for managing risk and automated trading systems.
However, certain strategies are strictly prohibited in the funded stage:

– High-frequency trading (manually or using a bot)

-Hedge arbitrage trading

-Tick scalping

-Grid trading


-One-sided betting

-Latency arbitrage trading

-Reverse arbitrage trading

-Copying trades from other traders

If any of these strategies are detected in your live account, it will be considered a violation of the rules and Social Trading Club will terminate your account.
Third-party EA must be verified prior to using it on your live account.

The purpose of the evaluation is for us to make sure that you are a consistent trader without any capital risk. As our evaluation is set up to test your trading without risking capital, you cannot withdraw profits on this phase.

You must be 18 years or older to join this site. Due to regulatory conditions, we are unable to offer services with traders residing in the following countries: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Myanmar, Russia (or the Crimea, Donetsk or Luhansk regions of Ukraine), Somalia and Syria. The provision of services is not extended to individuals who appear on sanction lists, possess criminal records associated with financial crime, terrorism, or have been previously prohibited due to breach of contract, with no allowances.

We classify our live traders as independent contractors. As such you invoice us for your earnings and must report this yourself to your relevant tax authority.

No, we do not allow News trading at Social Trading Club Funding. We define news trading as any trade opened or closed within 10 mins before or 10 mins after any major high impact news event.

If a trade is opened outside of this window, you can leave the trade open subject to the position not being closed within 10 minutes before/after news.

High impact News events are classified as any “red folder” in the Forex Factory calendar.

Yes our program allows for weekend and overnight holding of trades.

Trade with ASIC regulated Eightcap’s platform

We do not allow for account merging due to risk management and tracking purposes. You can however have up to three challenges at one time totalling a maximum of USD 600k in funding.

As we are evaluating the trading of individuals you are solely responsible for your account login details. If you share account passwords with others it will violate our terms and conditions and as such it is not permitted.

Social Trading Club Funding was founded by experienced traders and liquidity risk managers. We see $200.000 as an optimal maximum amount of capital before excess levels of slippage and poor trade conditions not suited to retail traders will set in.

As of 20th February 2024, residents of the United States are unable to purchase challenges on this site. US citizens residing outside the US who possess a valid resident ID may still continue to use the services.

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